Combining MyFaces, Tiles 2, and Tomahawk jscookmenu

March 19, 2010 at 3:14 am | Posted in jsf | 5 Comments
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I had this jsf project has common page parts (such as headers, footers, etc,) and menus like the ones on top your your desktop apps.

Having developed struts project before, Tiles was my choice of templating framework which is already a separate project known as Apache Tiles.

There are lots of javascript menus out there such as JSCookMenu and JQuery menu plugin but none of them were easy to integrate with JSF. So I used Tomahawk jscookmenu because of its integration with JSF navigations and actions.

I thought combining MyFaces, Tiles 2, and Tomahawk, was a bit of a challenge. Good thing I checked out samples from the svn repository for the Tiles integration with JspTilesTwoViewHandlerImpl. This combination was a big help in our project making page templating easier and more manageable.

So, I created a sample starter application combining these three technologies.

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